AC Installation in Upstate South Carolina

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During the long, humid summers of Greenville, SC, efficient AC is a priority. If your home or business needs AC installation or AC replacement, call the experts at Plumbing in Pink. We offer professional HVAC installation by skilled technicians at highly competitive rates.

AC Installation for Residential or Business

Plumbing in Pink performs air conditioner installation for new homes or businesses, extensions, additions, or renovations. Whether you have added a sunroom or turned your garage into a workshop or gym, we have the perfect AC system for you.

Plumbing in Pink will inspect your property and recommend the best sized AC for your needs. We’ll also locate the most efficient place to install it. 

We will professionally install all ductwork to maximize the efficiency of your AC. We can even install the AC unit using the existing ductwork if you have a current HVAC system without AC. 

A poorly installed or incorrectly sized AC will not cool your property sufficiently. Don’t trust any other company in Greenville, SC, to perform your air conditioner installation.

HVAC Installation

Installing a new HVAC system is a big job that requires qualified and experienced technicians. If you have a new property and require an HVAC installation to provide all of your heating and cooling needs, we are the experts in Greenville, SC. 

A new HVAC installation can usually be completed in one day, but it’s dependent on the size of the property and the ease of access. Equipment will be installed both inside and outside, and the ductwork is generally placed in the basement or crawl space. 

The professional technicians at Plumbing in Pink will perfectly execute your HVAC installation.

Mini Split AC Installation

A mini split AC is ductless and easy to install. A mini split air conditioning installation is the ideal choice for your property for many reasons:

  • When you have no ducts and ductwork is not possible
  • They are energy efficient and use less power than central air
  • They are easy to install
  • They are remote control
  • They are ideal for small spaces or rooms
  • They can be placed in a room where extra cooling or heating is required
  • They are ideal for tiny houses
  • They are ideal for apartments where outside modifications are not possible

A mini split air conditioning installation has the added bonus of a long lifespan. A mini split that is professionally and regularly maintained has a lifespan of up to 20 years. 

AC Replacement

An AC replacement is necessary when your AC is no longer working, but there are other signs that you might need an air conditioner replacement.  Call Plumbing in Pink for a fast AC replacement when you are experiencing any of the following problems with your AC:

  • It needs constant repairs
  • It’s not dehumidifying adequately
  • The cost of a large repair is half the cost of a new AC installation
  • It’s leaking water
  • It’s making strange noises
  • There’s insufficient airflow
  • It keeps cycling on and off
  • The thermostat is not registering the correct temperature.

If your AC is over ten years old and you have any of the above problems, call Plumbing in Pink for an air conditioner replacement in Greenville, SC.

Smart AC Technologies

Technology has changed how we live, and AC has evolved in amazing ways. The latest technology allows you to control the temperature of your home or business using a smartphone. 

By downloading an app on your phone or tablet, you can control your AC while you are away from home. You also have the option of connecting it to your smart home system so it can be voice-activated. 

Some of the benefits of installing a smart thermostat for your AC include:

  • Energy-efficiency
  • Incredible versatility
  • Ability to control the temperature from any room
  • Preventative maintenance reminders

If your home or business needs an AC installation or replacement, consider a smart AC for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Making Your AC Installation Last

The importance of AC maintenance cannot be overstated. A regularly maintained AC system can last for 12-15 years or more. An AC system that is poorly maintained will be lucky to last 8-10 years.

AC maintenance should be performed in spring, before the system is most heavily used. Your AC should also be maintained when the weather cools down in the fall. This will allow the technicians to find any worn parts or damage incurred during the hot months.

A quality AC is an investment in your property, and it will keep you cool and comfortable when you need it most. Regular maintenance will help you avoid costly repairs that could have otherwise been avoided.

Turn to Plumbing in Pink for Expert AC Installation in Greenville, SC

Efficient AC provides much-needed comfort during the hot months in Greenville, SC. Plumbing in Pink has been performing expert AC installation and replacement since 2015. Call us today at (864) 735-7014 to schedule a consultation!